Benefits of El Centro Storage

by admin | 13th March 2011

These days’ homeowners who do not own a garage or stockroom to place their extra belonging encounter tedious problems on where to put their items. These items are mostly old belongings which have sentimental value on them which the owner places a great deal of importance on. Some of these items may have aged for a hundred years and are very delicate and prone to damages. Thus it is really hard to find the “perfect” place where you are assured that it is safe and well protected from any factors which might destroy or damage it.

Fortunately there is already a solution to your El Centro storage problem, and it is called “AK-C Mini Storage.”

We’re a family-owned storage company that is here to solve your problem for space and storage. We keep those extra belonging of yours and place them in a safe place where you can be 100% assured of their safety. Our self-storage company owns a large land area and put up hundreds of storage room for our customers usage. Our El Centro storage company is much like any other type of apartment or renting facility, where you need only make a small monthly payment for your storage room. At our facility you can store anything from your vintage shoes, furniture, and any other priceless possessions. Also with our company you may be assured that your belongings are perfectly safe.

Unlike most storage companies, we don’t require you to provide your own lock for your storage room – we provide you with a complimentary lock so that you can be the only one who can access your storage unit. Another thing that we are working on is providing a fail-proof security system, with an on-site security guard in our establishment to prevent any possible burglary that may happen. Note that just like other storage companies we cannot reimburse those lost or stolen belongings of yours so always remember to store at your own risk.

Besides from keeping your belongings safe from burglars, our El Centro storage facility also protects your items from pests which might infest your storage room. Some pests which they often exterminate are termites which destroy any wooden or paper items in your storage and mice that bite off holes into your belongings. Also these storage rooms are climate resistant assuring you that there wouldn’t be water leakage that may seep in your El Centro storage rooms and damage your stuff.

So if you have those excess belongings at home, head on over to AK-C Mini Storage and deposit all of your extra belongings and be free from the hassles of storing all of that extra stuff at home.

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