How can I be sure my belongings are safe?

by admin | 23rd May 2011

El Centro Storage – How to know if my self storage unit is secure? People nowadays tend to have too much things whether in their own homes, businesses and offices, just to name a few. With this, the El Centro storage industry was created to help people get rid of their clutter and excess items […] Read More

How to keep an rv battery in good condition

by admin | 22nd May 2011

Storage in El Centro – How do I keep an rv battery in good condition? Summer is just around the corner. And what better way to spend this beautiful season than to go on a camping trip with the whole family? Present day camping usually involves going to distant places, such as forests, mountains, hiking […] Read More

How do I prepare my car for storage?

by admin | 19th May 2011

Storage El Centro – Steps to Prepare your Car for Storage Planning to go on a long vacation or trip outside the state or country? Do you want to have your vehicles stored inside a self storage El Centro unit during the time that you are away? If yes, then this article is just for […] Read More

What type of vehicles can be stored in storage?

by admin | 16th May 2011

El Centro Storage: What type of vehicle can I store? It is not only small items, gadgets, appliances, home belongings and office supplies that you can place inside your El Centro storage unit, but also automobiles and vehicles as well. This trend of having self storage intended for vehicles began decades ago when people were […] Read More

5 Steps to Finally Organize your Space!

by admin | 15th May 2011

Storage in El Centro: Organize your Space! Having a crowded living or working area is the number one source of clutter in your life! With lots of clutter, it’s hard to find what you’re looking for or focus on what you need to do. So whether it comes to cleaning out your living area, or […] Read More

What should you move into storage?

by admin | 10th May 2011

El Centro Storage: Deciding What to Move into Storage Many people have tons of stuff that they want to get rid off inside their houses. Some of these stuffs may still be put to good use. Some may have sentimental value in them that gives us the reason to simply keep them. Also some might […] Read More

El Centro Storage: Moving Checklist

by admin | 5th May 2011

Your Official El Centro Storage Moving Checklist! Moving or transferring into another neighborhood for most people can be quite a hassle. There are so many things to pay mind to and so much that might be neglected in the process. So as an El Centro storage company we highly suggest to equip yourself with a […] Read More

Storage in El Centro: 4 Must-Know Guidelines for Moving with Children

by admin | 1st May 2011

Storage in El Centro – Moving with Children Moving to a new place or home can be a tiring and difficult ordeal as it involves numerous actions and considerations. People must do the necessary packing of furniture, appliances and other items. Together with that is the hiring of reliable individuals that would help in the […] Read More

Benefits of El Centro Storage

by admin | 13th March 2011

These days’ homeowners who do not own a garage or stockroom to place their extra belonging encounter tedious problems on where to put their items. These items are mostly old belongings which have sentimental value on them which the owner places a great deal of importance on. Some of these items may have aged for […] Read More

What to look for in an El Centro storage unit

by admin | 8th March 2011

What should I look for when choosing an El Centro storage company? There are a lot of self storage companies out there today that promise high quality from their storage facilities. Yet more and more, many people are finding that they simply do not meet your expectations. Some may interest you because of their low […] Read More

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