El Centro Storage: Moving Checklist

by admin | 5th May 2011

Your Official El Centro Storage Moving Checklist!

Moving Tips from AK-C Mini Storage, an El Centro storage facility.
Moving or transferring into another neighborhood for most people can be quite a hassle. There are so many things to pay mind to and so much that might be neglected in the process. So as an El Centro storage company we highly suggest to equip yourself with a “Moving checklist.” It is basically a list of things that you would bring with you onto your new home thus directing you if something has been left or should be brought. But still there are specific guidelines which you should follow in making a moving checklist.

These guidelines would help you weigh whether to bring that certain furniture or equipment into your new house. For some people might just put them on the list even though they are not that useful anymore to you. Thus adding more space and paying more for moving these loads of stuff. So you’ll reduce your clutter and make the best use of your El Centro storage by making it more manageable.
Moving checklist for all your El Centro storage and moving needs.

Number one on the checklist guidelines would be to take stock of and list down all valuables. Make sure to write it out! That way you can be assured that none of your most treasured possessions are left behind in your old home. Also this would give you more time to gather all that hidden jewelries or valuables that you hid in secret places in your home for safekeeping, if there are any of course.

Next on the list would be the functional materials. In this category you should list down all items in your home that you think might be put to good use one day in your new home. Items like garden tools, kitchen utensils and etc.

Third guideline is to scout for a cheap El Centro storage company if you have a lot of things to store and don’t have much room in your new house. Take note that in this matter you should thoroughly check the storage facilities or warehouses where you plan to store your items. For this might in the long run give you problems especially on damaged materials that was brought by the lack of maintenance that the company does to ensure customer satisfaction.

Fourth guideline would be to also scout for more affordable yet efficient moving companies that would aid you in your move. When it comes to this matter you should scout for them a month or two before your move to give you more time to discuss the price and way of transport of your materials. Lastly, after the moving process has been completed and you’re completely moved in to your new home, we would suggest that you make a post-moving checklist to make aware yourself of the things that might be lacking in your new home.

Consider AK-C Mini Storage as your El Centro storage company of choice for any personal defects or belongings that you won’t be taking with you, or need stored while you move.

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