How do I prepare my car for storage?

by admin | 19th May 2011

Storage El Centro – Steps to Prepare your Car for Storage

Store your car at our storage El Centro unit.

Planning to go on a long vacation or trip outside the state or country? Do you want to have your vehicles stored inside a self storage El Centro unit during the time that you are away? If yes, then this article is just for you. It is common for people nowadays to place their cars in self storage units instead of leaving them unattended in the garage like what we have been doing before. This action can be attributed to the fact that self storage units can provide better security and protection by means of advanced locking system compared to the garage we have at home.

In terms of choosing a self storage El Centro unit, one must find an appropriate location that is conducive for the protection and well-being of the car. It is recommended that self storage units for cars must be located in a dry place so that it will not create moisture which could promote rust in cars. At the same time, proper ventilation is also equally important in any car self storage units. However, deciding to place one’s care in a self storage unit doesn’t only involve having the car inside of it. More than that, necessary assessment and preparation must be done in order to assure that the cars will be in good condition the whole time it is being placed inside a self storage unit.

The first step in preparing one’s car for storage El Centro is to have the said vehicle thoroughly cleaned inside and out.

Necessary waxing and conditioning can be applied and coated to the car in order to provide further protection, thus, preventing incidents of corrosion to take place. After that, car owners must make it a point to fill the gas tank. Filling the gas tank is important to prevent moisture from forming inside the car. Also, a fuel stabilizer can be added later to gas tanks to assure that moisture will not be formed. Aside from that, car owners are expected to change the car oil to synthetic oil. Performing oil change is important to avoid formation of moisture and corrosion inside the car’s engine.

On the other hand, the car batteries must also be given attention. In situation of short term storage El Centro, people can provide battery connection that will allow the batteries to be recharged. But then, when one is talking of long term storage, it is a must to disconnect batteries from cars. Batteries that are not used can crack inside the car which would lead to leaking of unwanted chemicals and acids coming from the batteries itself.

It is also recommended that weight must be relieved from the tires by placing the car on a jack stand. These jack stands can be availed in hardware or utility stores. Lastly, one could place an appropriate car cover. The type of car cover to use depends on the location of the self storage unit. If it is in an enclosed self storage unit, people can just purchased affordable car covers. Nonetheless, in cases where in self storage units are located outside, a more durable and expensive car cover can be utilized in order to provide maximum protection.

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