A Gated, Fully-Managed El Centro Storage Facility

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Consider AK-C Mini Storage for all of your El Centro Storage needs!

A Secure, Family-Owned El Centro Storage Facility.

At AK-C Mini Storage, we have an efficient system when it comes to El Centro storage that facilitates a clear, open operation. We have a friendly on-site manager named Walt. Whether it comes to executing rental agreements, designating space to new tenants, collecting tenant rents and processing bookkeeping records, or following up on late and delinquent accounts, or executing certified letters to tenants in default and publishing in the newspaper, our on-site manager keeps on top of it all.

When you rent with us, our manager will build a good relationship with you, and quickly inform our owners promptly of maintenance issues and facilitate them with vendors. The on-site manager will also coordinate the owner’s operating policy and implement it effectively, notifying tenants.

Additionally, we also have full-time security personnel, on-site 24 hours, seven days a week.

We hope that you’ll consider AK-C Mini Storage for all of your El Centro storage needs!

What are some of the features and benefits of self-storage?

Having self-storage is priceless and AK-C Mini Storage is here to help! Our El Centro storage facility will help you remove all of the clutter from your residence or business. Your possessions are important, but by organizing your belongings you can experience reduced stress. If your items are not being used on a regular basis, consider storing them at our El Centro storage facility. If you run a business, you can store your excess inventory. Seasonal businesses can store all of their furniture and fixtures in one area. Retail businesses can take advantage of lesser rental rates versus expensive show room space. You may also enjoy the convenience of storing your tax, accounting and legal records with us. Knowing that you are proactively taking action for your material responsibilities will grant you enhanced peace of mind.

AK-C Mini Storage is an El Centro storage facility that has been family owned for twenty years, and we’re in a great location - just across the street from the Imperial Valley mall and just south of the I-8 Freeway.

At AK-C Mini Storage, every precaution is taken to ensure the safety of your belongings. We have a gated entry with a security code, fenced grounds, timed lighting, and security lighting. We screen our tenants to ensure that they possess the highest integrity. AK-C Mini Storage provides our valued customers with locks for each of their units, and our grounds are maintained by a full on-site manager. All of our units are numbered, and we maintain a clean facility - removing trash and debris regularly. Our gates are open 7AM to 7PM, seven days a week.

We’re committed to maintaining an effective advertising and marketing campaign for our El Centro storage units.

This helps keep the business vibrant, and affects the occupancy. Effective marketing maintains a positive image of the operation, and drives prospects to the location. Maintaining full occupancy is of prime concern to us.

We screen our tenants for quality.

By screening our tenants, we reduce the turnover of our El Centro storage facility, and help keep the facility more secure. We believe in increasing referral marketing to maintain an ethical client base, and enhancing the ease of which we build quality relationships with our tenants. This also allows our manager to be more efficient, and helps you to have peace of mind in the security and quality of our El Centro storage facility.

Three reasons why we strive to achieve full occupancy.

By achieving full occupancy of our units, we maximize the efficiency of the overall operation of the facility. Full occupancy sustains the longevity of the business, and keeps tenant relocation to a minimum. The revenues generated from full occupancy will help support overall maintenance and upkeep of rental units and accompanied grounds.

We hope you'll consider AK-C Mini Storage for all of your El Centro storage needs.

Sharon Sylvester, owner of AK-C Mini Storage in El Centro
Sharon Sylvester
Co-Owner, AK-C Mini Storage